U.S. Military Warns Outlook Users To Update Immediately Over Hack Linked To Iran
Less than two weeks ago, U.S. Cyber Command launched an offensive on Iran to disable computer systems used by the country's Revolutionary Guard Corps to control rocket and missile launches. Now, the agency has issued an unprecedented public warning that is has discovered the "active malicious use" of a Microsoft Outlook vulnerability that appears to be linked to Iran.
The best of Ambient Space Music (from parts 1-9), set to new breathtaking ultra-HD views of Earth from the International Space Station, including cities at night and dazzling aurora lights.
Tomorrow's New Moon Will Totally Eclipse The Sun, Setup 'Half-Blood Thunder Moon' And 'Black Moon':
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Facebook announced changes to the way it handles the removal of content from Facebook Pages that’s in violation of the social network’s Community Standards, as well as when the Page has posted items that are rated false by a third-party fact-checking service. It says it will also make it harder for those whose Pages have been shut down for violations to return with new Pages featuring the same, duplicated content by proactively banned other Pages and Groups, in some cases.